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Bakugan Battle Brawlers Episodes

Bakugan Battle Brawlers Episodes, toys

Bakugan Battle Brawlers (Bakugan Batoru Burōrāzu) is a Japanese anime series that is based on a popular game that is named Bakugan by Sega Toys and Spin Master. It is about the lives of creatures called Bakugan and the battle brawlers who owns them.

Here is the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Episodes list:

Episode 1: "Bakugan: The Battle Begins"
Episode 2: "Masquerade Ball"
Episode 3: "A Feud Between Friends"
Episode 4: "Dan and Drago"
Episode 5: "Runo Rules"
Episode 6: "A Combination Battle"
Episode 7: "Bakugan Idol"
Episode 8: "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
Episode 9: "Fight Or Flight!"
Episode 10: "A Perfect Match"
Episode 11: "Grandpa's Got A Brand New Bakugan"
Episode 12: "Bakugan Stall"
Episode 13: "Just For The Shun Of It"
Episode 14: "The Story Of Vestroia"
Episode 15: "Duel in the Desert"
Episode 16: "No Guts No Glory"
Episode 17: "Best Friends Forever"
Episode 18: "Evolution Revolution"
Episode 19: "Julie Plays Hard Brawl"
Episode 20: "A Little Help From My Friends"
Episode 21: "My Good Friend"
Episode 22: "Drago's on Fire!"
Episode 23: "Say It Ain't So Joe"
Episode 24: "Secret of Success"
Episode 25: "Trust Me!"
Episode 26: "Doom Dimension Or Bust"
Episode 27: "Showdown"
Episode 28: "The Brawler's Last Stand"
Episode 29: "Nightmare in Doomsville"
Episode 30: "I am Marucho! Hear Me Roar!"
Episode 31: "A Place Far From Home"
Episode 32: "Play Nice, Runo!"
Episode 33: "You're Going Down, Clown!"
Episode 34: "Home Sweet Home"
Episode 35: "Dan's Last Stand"
Episode 36: "Show Me What You've Got!"
Episode 37: "You Say You Want an Evolution!"
Episode 38: "Behind the Mask of Masquerade"
Episode 39: "Masquerade Unmasked"
Episode 40: "Alice Gets Schooled"
Episode 41: "A Fish Called Tayghen"
Episode 42: "The Race to Vestroia"
Episode 43: "Next Stop Naga-Vile"
Episode 44: "It's a Long Shot!"
Episode 45: "Ground Control to Major Dan"
Episode 46: "The One Hit Wonders"
Episode 47: "Here's Mud in Your Eye!"
Episode 48: "R is for Revenge"
Episode 49: "Showdown in Wardington"
Episode 50: "The Good, the Bad and the Bakugan"
Episode 51: "The Final Brawl"
Episode 52: "Saying Goodbye to all the parents" Game Over

Bakugan Battle Brawlers Episodes, toys
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