Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Morpho Pods Figures

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Kids can now build their Morpho Pods figures and watch them animate using their DreamTab.

Fuhu the company that created the award-winning nabi DreamTab, has created a new tablet-based interactive play experience that combines physical and digital play with Morpho Pods. Using the near field communication (NFC) technology Morpho Pods combine toy figures, games, interactive storybooks and custom animation to give a physical and digital play with just a tap of toy to tablet.

You can now give life to the Dragons from the movie "How To Train Your Dragons." Morpho Pods Dragons Edition gives children the ability to build different dragons from the movie series which includes  Toothless, Stormfly and Belch then play them digitally on the DreamTab.

Each Morpho Pods Dragons Edition package has dragon parts than can be interconnected by mixing and matching to other parts of the Dragons figures. It has 125 possible combinations.

The Morpho Pods Dragons Edition will debut on June exclusively in Walmart stores accross the United States with a price of $7.99.

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