Thursday, November 20, 2014

10 Most Unsafe Toys List

This holiday season children will want new toys that they will be playing with. Adults needs to watch out for toys that are unsafe for our kids, a Massachusetts-based consumer watchdog group World Against Toys Causing Harm, or W.A.T.C.H have listed the annual "10 Worst Toys" to warn parents and consumers of the potential hazards in some toys as the holiday shopping season gets underway.

Here's their full list of "10 Worst Toys" for 2014:
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"Air Storm Firetek Bow" by Zing - this toy can shoot Fire-glow LED arrows with bulbous tips up to 145 feet. It it equipped with a loop-and-launch technology and an LED-activated power grip that look almost realistic. It was marketed with the roll-out of adventure film "Hunger Games II", in which the leading character weapon is a bow.

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"Ziggle" four-wheeled cycle by Radio Flyer - produced by Radio Flyer it is a Twist and wiggle ride for kids. It has an adjustable seat and padded hand grips. This is not so dangerous as long as there is an adult supervision.
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"Catapencil" by Toysmith - it is a pencil with a miniature slingshot-style launcher at the bottom.

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"Alphabet Zoo Rock & Stack Pull Toy" by Skip Hop - a stack and pull toy for 18 months and above.

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"SWAT Electric Machine Gun" by Junxing Toys Industrial Co. - it is a replica of a SWAT Machine Gun that has some similarities with a real machine gun.

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"Wooden Instruments" sold at Wal-Mart - these are colorful music instrument for babies. W.A.T.C.H warns buyers for potential ingestion and choking injuries.

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"Bottle Rocket Party" by Norman & Globus (ScienceWiz) - this is fun to play with. W.A.T.C.H warns buyers for potential for eye, face, and other impact injuries. Just wear goggles when playing with Bottle Rockets.

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"Lil' Cutesies-Best Friends" doll by JC Toys Group - yup they are really cute 8.5 inchess dolls, but can be choking hazards due to a detachable bow.

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"True Legends Orcs Battle Hammer" sold at Toys R Us - W.A.T.C.H warns for potential for blunt impact, oh come on, it is plastic and very light weight.

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"Colored Hedgehog" plush toy sold at Toys R Us - soft, colorful hedgehog for infants.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Yamaha Fazer drones

Yamaha Fazer drones, drones, RC helicopters

Yamaha Motor of Japan will be marketing their Yamaha Fazer drones for agriculture and business purpose. They will be exporting the Yamaha Fazer drones to South Korea in 2015. These industrial drones are being use to spray agricultural chemicals to crops and anti foot-and-mouth solutions to livestock.

With the modern design, it can also be good sell for the enthusiast. The Yamaha Fazer drones is 3.6 meters long and weighs about 70kg. This is like a huge RC helicopter. Unfortunately, you got to have a lot of money to buy this bird since it cost 10 million yen ($90,629) each.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bestselling Christmas Toys in UK

The Toy Retailers Association in the UK listed the toys that are expected to do well this Christmas. Every year they are providing Dream Toys chart that encourages people to purchase gifts ahead of time to avoid long lines and to make sure that you have plenty of stock to choose from.

Here's the list:

Minecraft Figures

1. Minecraft Figures which is based from a popular video game with the same name. It cost £7.99 in the UK, the lowest on their list. In the US the worth from $8.76 to $11.67.

Little Live Pets Bird Cage

2. Little Live Pets Bird Cage, a talking bird which is powered by battery. The pet bird will respond to touch, sing, record sounds and will talk back to you if you speak to it. It can also fit on your finger so you can take it anywhere you go. Price £19.99, $31.00 in the US.

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

3. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch for kids. It can be use as a portable camera watch. Includes 3 mini learning games with the function to download more, including a how to tell time game. Clock display, animated stopwatch/timer and alarm explore time concepts. It has digital and analog displays with more than 50 clock face designs. Price £39.99 UK, $49.99 US.

My Friend Cayla

4. My Friend Cayla the most expensive dolls out of the three on the list. You can chat with Cayla and she will reply back and talk to you. Price £58.99 UK, $105.45 US.

Frozen Snow Glow Elsa

5. Frozen Snow Glow Elsa is another doll included in the list, that features a character from the Disney film Frozen. The doll can speak and her wears a shiny dress. You can watch Elsa's power flurry with Snow Glow Elsa. The toy sings Award Winning Song "Let it Go", it can play 15 Magical Movie Phrases, the dress glows when you touch her necklace, it has new royal reflection eyes. Elsa speaks English and Spanish (Elsa habla Ingles y Espanol). Price £34.99 UK, $48.99 US.

The Nerf Demolisher gun

6. The Nerf Demolisher gun, it fires two different types of projectiles. The Demolisher 2-in-1 blaster can fire darts, missiles, or both at the same time up to 90 feet. It has motorized dart blasting and pump-action missile blasting effects. It costs £44.99 UK, $29.88 US.

Transformers Stomp and Chomp Grimlock 
7. The Transformers Stomp and Chomp Grimlock which cost £89.99 UK, $69.00 US. The toy is 20 inchess Grim lock robot that changes in 1 step. It is equipped with pop-out weapons and the eyes glows. Figures activate different lights, sounds and weapons.

Zoomer Dino, Boomer

8. The Zoomer Dino, Boomer a remote-controlled dinosaur that roam freely around your home. You can get him riled up by pulling his tail. You can train him to dance, chase, chomp and roar. It is the most expensive toy on the list at £99.99 UK, $79.88 US.

Lego Benny's Spaceship

9. Lego Benny's Spaceship costs £79.99 UK $96.73 US. It includes 4 minifigures (Benny, Robo Emmet, Space Wyldstyle and Robo Pilot, plus an Astro Kitty figure) with accessories. The spaceship features opening cockpit, two spring-loaded laser shooters, four flick missiles, extendable wings, spring-loaded space cannons, and two stud blasters.

Toot-Toot Animals Safari Park

10. Toot-Toot Animals Safari Park is an interactive zoo playset that features 7 smartpoint locations which respond to the animals with fun phrases, animal and nature sound effects and melodies. It costs £39.99 UK, $127.51 US.

Frozen Sparkle Dolls

11. The Frozen Sparkle Dolls, another doll based from the movie frozen. sold separately for £16.99 UK each, $24.42 US. Elsa features a gorgeous light blue gown with sparkles and sheer white overcoat.

The Bop-It
12. The Bop-It! Beats machine game that combines the classic Bop It! it features songs by your favorite musical artists like Nicki Minaj. It costs £21.99 UK, $15.99 US.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Ebola Toys Are Now Sold Out

Ebola Toys Are Now Sold Out, ebola toys

Giantmicrobes Inc., has turned the deadly Ebola virus that have infected about 10,141 people in 8 affected countries, and almost killed 5,000, into a lovely and cuddly toys. The company have sold all their stock that includes small Ebola doll for $9.95, a Gigantic Ebola doll for $29.95 and an Ebola Petri Dish toy for $14.95.

The deadly virus toy looks like a brown worm. The company which is based in Stamford, Connecticut specializes on  gag gifts. They are not just selling toys they also educate people about disease, virus, bacteria etc. On their website the warn people about the Ebola virus, "A short incubation period of 2 to 21 days presages symptoms which include fever, aches, sore throat, and weakness, followed by diarrhea, stomach pain, vomiting, and both internal and external bleeding. And then, for between 50-90 percent of victims, death."

Aside from Ebola toys, they also sell Anthrax, Botulism, Cholera, E. Coli, Amoeba, Herpes and Dengue Fever and less sinister toys like yoghurt bacteria, Sore Throat, White blood cell, common cold, sperm cells, lab mice and a homo sapiens embryo.

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer

The Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer

The Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer

I can't wait for this movie, "The Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer". Check out Ultron (played by James Spader) beating the hell out of Captain America (Chris Evans), Iron Man(Robert Downey Jr), Thor (Chris Hemsworth),  Black Widow (Scarlet Johansson) and other avengers in the first official teaser trailer for Marvel's "Avengers: Age of Ultron," that will hit theaters on May 1, 2015! You can also see Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) in the trailer.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Toys 'R' Us: Breaking Bad crystal meth action figures

Toys 'R' Us, Breaking Bad crystal meth, Breaking Bad toys, Heisenber

Toys 'R' Us, Breaking Bad crystal meth, Breaking Bad toys, Heisenber

Parents are not happy with the recent toys from Toys 'R' Us, they are now selling Breaking Bad crystal meth action figures that even has crystal meth bags and detachable sack of cash. They also have action figure of Walter White wearing his Heisenber disguise and Jesse Pinkman in a lab suit. Breaking Bad is a popular TV show about Walter White a chemistry teacher turn crystal meth cook. It also has

Susan Schrivjer a mom from Florida wants Toys 'R Us to remove the "Breaking Bad" action figures since she said that it glorify drug use. It is also not appropriate in a store which caters to families with young children. She launched a petition on

“a Breaking Bad doll, complete with a detachable sack of cash and a bag of meth, alongside children’s toys [as] a dangerous deviation from the [company's] family friendly values”, she said.

Toys 'R Us clarified that the Breaking Bad packaging notes that the toys are intended for ages 15 and up.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

X-Men's Wolverine Dead

X-Men's Wolverine Dead, wolverine dead

Marvel Universe kills off one of the most like superhero in Marvel, Wolverine. Wolverine, who is a mutant has the ability to heal quickly that kept him alive for hundred of years. Wolverine's first appearance was in the comics "The Incredible Hulk #180" in October 1974.

"Death of Wolverine (2014) #4" is the beginning of the end. The 1st of three books focused on Wolverine losing his healing factor, that eventually led to his death.

Charles Soule the writer said, "He cannot heal from the injuries he receives. That has always been one of his biggest powers. He went to see Reed Richards who is known as Mr. Fantastic (Fantastic Four) and he said, I will figure it out eventually, but you gotta stop fighting.' And Wolverine's like 'Yeah, okay, I'll do my best.'"

"The biggest bounty ever is on his head. So, he starts on this global adventure to figure out what's gong on."

In the first book was set in Canada, then in the 2nd and 3rd the setting was moved to other countries like South China Sea and Japan where Logan has history. In book #4 he founds out who is hunting him, which turns out to be Dr. Abraham Cornelius. The one who injected the adamantium in his body that turned his bones and claws to adamantium.

In issue #4, Wolverine finds out who is hunting him, a guy named Dr. Abraham Cornelius, who actually put the adamantium in his body that you see when he draws his impressive claws. Wolverine tried to put an stop to Dr. Cornelius from turning people into Weapon X. Wolverine punctured with his claws the adamantium tank and it covers him completely. He was able to walk and reach outside and without his healing power he was helpless. He died saving others.