Monday, July 14, 2014

Tekken 7 Trailer

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Namco has released the trailer for their Tekken 7. Tekken is a classic Japanese fighting arcade game that have taken the world by storm 20 years ago (1994) when it was first released. It was released exclusively to Playstation that gave Sony the edge from their competitors.

Tekken story line focused on the battle of the Mishima clan and the trailer suggests that it will be finally be over.

The announcement of TEKKEN 7 seems to have leaked before Harada actually expected. A video of Harada speaking at the EVO 2014 was leaked by an IGN news video that was published by AOL. However, it seems that the error was soon recognized and the video has since been removed but a video trailer of the upcoming game is now available online.

A Youtube clip also shows that Katsuhiro Harada the producer and creator of TEKKEN, from Namco Bandai Games has revealed Tekken 7 at the EVO 2014.

Namco did not indicate any release dates or what platform it will be released in. I can't wait to play Tekken 7.

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