Friday, November 9, 2012

Navy Seals in hot water for Giving Secrets to EA for Video Games

Medal of Honor: Warfighter,

The members of Seal Team Six (team on Osama bin Laden mission) are in hot water for allegedly giving classified information to video game company Electronic Arts, to make their war games more realistic.

The seven members of Seal Team Six have been disciplined for giving away classified information to the video game company Electronic Arts (EA) to make their war-themed games more realistic, according to CBS news.

It also reported that Seal Team Six was employed for two days as paid consultants on the new game "Medal of Honor: Warfighter," recently released.

EA has a reputation for developing extremely realistic war games. In the company's marketing, it boasts that it hires real commandos, both active and retired, to help achieve such an effect. The seven members of Seal Team Six are are currently still on active duty, and CBS reports that four members that recently transferred out of the team are also under investigation for their roles with the video game maker.

The Seals are being disciplined for giving away classified information to the makers of the game, which had been entrusted to them by the U.S. Navy. The Seals' careers are now reportedly in jeopardy. The seven members have so far all received official letters of reprimand, which effectively removes any chances of promotion. They also had half their pay revoked for two months, CBS reports.

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