Thursday, October 16, 2014

X-Men's Wolverine Dead

X-Men's Wolverine Dead, wolverine dead

Marvel Universe kills off one of the most like superhero in Marvel, Wolverine. Wolverine, who is a mutant has the ability to heal quickly that kept him alive for hundred of years. Wolverine's first appearance was in the comics "The Incredible Hulk #180" in October 1974.

"Death of Wolverine (2014) #4" is the beginning of the end. The 1st of three books focused on Wolverine losing his healing factor, that eventually led to his death.

Charles Soule the writer said, "He cannot heal from the injuries he receives. That has always been one of his biggest powers. He went to see Reed Richards who is known as Mr. Fantastic (Fantastic Four) and he said, I will figure it out eventually, but you gotta stop fighting.' And Wolverine's like 'Yeah, okay, I'll do my best.'"

"The biggest bounty ever is on his head. So, he starts on this global adventure to figure out what's gong on."

In the first book was set in Canada, then in the 2nd and 3rd the setting was moved to other countries like South China Sea and Japan where Logan has history. In book #4 he founds out who is hunting him, which turns out to be Dr. Abraham Cornelius. The one who injected the adamantium in his body that turned his bones and claws to adamantium.

In issue #4, Wolverine finds out who is hunting him, a guy named Dr. Abraham Cornelius, who actually put the adamantium in his body that you see when he draws his impressive claws. Wolverine tried to put an stop to Dr. Cornelius from turning people into Weapon X. Wolverine punctured with his claws the adamantium tank and it covers him completely. He was able to walk and reach outside and without his healing power he was helpless. He died saving others.