Thursday, March 12, 2015

Anki Overdrive

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Anki Overdrive is a toy equipped with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and visual sensors that will ensure that it will not fly off track. It is a racing game that is controlled by smartphones using a mobile app to race real battle-equipped toy cars. Anki race cars has the ability to detect opponents that are on the track, they can also fire weapons and get level-up like speed or upgrade virtual weapons for future races.

The game is like playing video game with real toys. Anki cars will not go off the track, since it has information embedded in special ink on the tracks. Infrared cameras on the vehicles’ undercarriages read this directional data 500 times a second and relay it to the onboard 50-megahertz computer and your phone.

Anki DRIVE toy includes a physical track that rolls out to 3 ½’ x 8 ½’, and is intended for indoor use only.

Anki DRIVE also requires at least one compatible iOS or Android device. It cost about $150, and it will be available in September 2015.

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