Friday, August 4, 2017

KOOV Robotics and Coding Kit, Learning Through Playing

KOOV Robotics and Coding Kit, toys, robot toys

Sony Global Education wants toys that is both educational and entertaining so that it will appeal to kids.
KOOV Robotics and Coding Kit from Sony has achieve both that, it encourage children to be creative building their robots that can moved using codes. They can also share their creation to other young inventors throughout the world.

The main components to build the robots are colorful KOOV blocks. Then the kids can add sensors, actuators and others for almost limitless robotic combinations. The robots will be able to move by the use of coding with the KOOV app.

Sony did not simplify the programming for kids, these are real block based coding that can get really complex. I'm sure kids won't mind learning complicated stuff as long as they can get their robots do cool moves.
KOOV Robotics and Coding Kit, toys, robot toys
The KOOV Basic Kit is priced at $159 USD on Indiegogo, not bad! It includes: KOOV Core micro controller, 115 Blocks & Accessories, 8 Electronic parts (sensors, LEDs, buzzer), 5 Robot Recipes, Limited access to KOOV Learning Courses, and Free access to KOOV Robot Recipe sharing.

For Children aged 8 and up.

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