Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Real-life Mech Robots (Gundam)

Real-life Mech Robots, Kurata, Gundam

The 13 foot tall mech robots design and built by Japanese engineers, can fire gatling guns and armed with water bottles rocket launchers. The robot is powered by diesel engine that roll like cars, is known as "Kuratas". They look like Gundam robots.

The robots were designed to be non-lethal, that shoots BBs from their gatling guns and ordinary water bottles from their "rocket launchers". It also can shoot by the smile trigger called the "Smile Shot", when the operator smile it will shoot its BBs into the target.

Suidobashi Heavy Industry is even planning to mass-produce the 4.4-ton, diesel-powered Kuratas, all for a cool $1.35 million each.

“Kuratas has over 30 hydraulic joints that allow it to freely move its arms, legs, and torso. It can fire water bottle rockets and fireworks, and its 6,000 round-per-minute BB gattling guns are controlled with the pilot’s smile,” The Verge said.

The creation of artist Kogoro Kurata and robotics researcher Wataru Yoshizaki uses a V-Shido control system that can use wheels and can walk to navigate uneven terrain.

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