Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Silver Color E-Sky LAMA V4 RTF Coaxial RC Helicopter

Silver Color E-Sky LAMA V4 RTF Coaxial RC HelicopterHelicopter

The new LamaV4 is a completely assembled and ready to fly micro heli with a coaxial counter-rotating head design that is very stable.

This micro heli has power and precision, an advanced 4-in-1 controller, and a great looking, lightweight body.

Product Features:

1.Coaxial, counter-rotating blade rotor design provides incredible stability and positive control.
2.Full RC system set Included, ready to flight out of box.
3.Pre-installed ESKY 8g servos and 4-in-1 control unit
4.No installation or assembly required.
5.Dual 180 motors makes the LamaV4 powerful and efficient.
6.800mAh 2-cell Li-Po battery pack is low weight, high power and provides flight durations of 10-15 minutes per charge.

LamaV4 is a great beginner Coaxial RC Helicopter to develop your basic RC skills. It is easy to fly indoors. The upgrade and repair are relatively cheap and easy to find.

Silver Color E-Sky LAMA V4 RTF Coaxial RC Helicopter Esky$129.99 

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  1. Nice model.In the RC hobby, flying RC helicopters is often considered the hardest RC skill to master. This might make the marketing claims for easy-to-fly toy RC helicopters hard to understand. The difference is in the helicopter design, the controls, and the range of movement that the
    rc helikopter is capable of performing.