Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ingo Devices: Moshi Monsters tablet

moshi monsters,ingo devices

Ingo Devices Moshi Monsters tablets will be distributed in stores in UK in July and will be priced at £119.99. It is a new licensed product.

The device has 7” screen, dual camera (front & back), Wi-Fi, and the android 4.1 operating system. It includes Ingo Kids Parental Controls with user accounts, application filters, time control and online content control. Download all of your favourite apps from Google Play.

In addition to this, the tablet will include wallpaper and pictures, Moshi music videos, Moshi magazines and apps.

An accessory pack will also be available. This contains a carry bag, over ear headphones and a stylus pen for £49.99.

Ingo Devices has the exclusive rights to Moshi Monsters for electrical products for children (including tablets, digital cameras, camcorders, MP3, DVD and accessories).


  1. I bought this for my daughter's birthday and it was a very good purchase. The tablet content is very flashy and the parental control is really good. Excellent tablet for children.