Monday, July 29, 2013

"The Wolverine" Slash its way to the TOP

The Wolverine

LOS ANGELES — "The Wolverine" beat monsters and minions to debut on top of the weekend box office. The Fox film features Hugh Jackman and opened with $55 million in North America, Fox estimates Sunday. It may be on top however, it is still considered weak since it's way less than the $85.1M which 2009 X-Men Origin: Wolverine made in its debut.

However the global market looks good for the movie, “Global number is a huge $141.1m,” Fox said.

Don't leave when the movie is over wait for the after-credits scene. You are in for a surprise! 

Last weekend’s top movie, Warner Bros.’ low-budget horror ‘‘The Conjuring,’’ slipped to second place, adding another $22.1 million to its take, while ‘‘Despicable Me 2’’ was in third with $16 million.

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