Friday, May 2, 2014

McDonald’s Happy Meal Pink Spider-Man 2 Toys

McDonald’s Happy Meal Pink Spider-Man 2 Toys, McDonald’s Happy Meal

McDonald’s and Spider-Man 2 tied up for the latest Happy Meal toys, and they are offering Pink Spidey toys for girls. Recently McDonald’s announced that along with the boys superhero toys they will be offering a girls’ version of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 toys too.

Before almost all of McDonald’s Happy Meal toys are for boys, not this time around. Yes, there is clearly a gender toy stereotype and this not only happening with Happy Meal toys,
even toy stores are separated into a girls and boys section. Some people don't like it but it's reality.

The McDonald’s Happy Meal girls toys includes a heart-shaped watch ring, wristband, headband, clutch and a notebook. So, people get ready for a pink Iron Man, pink Avengers, and pink Captain American toys.

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